Choosing Remote Workstations for Your Organization

Remote Workstations is the most cost-effective, high-performance remote desktop solution on the market.

Read on for an introduction to our enterprise-class features and learn how you can leverage these benefits for a superior IT solution.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

Desktop as a Service provides great value over physical desktops and the expenditure of in-house VDI rollouts. However, most DaaS providers charge hefty initial setup fees and append extra charges for usage.

Remote Workstations has streamlined our hardware virtualization infrastructure and software capabilities to lower both the cost of deployment and the long-term upkeep costs for your organization.

Our prices are clear and transparent, and offer market-leading performance and true flexibility in scaling. Prices are available in five monthly and annual tiers.

Help your teams be truly agile and integrated with Remote Workstations.

Speed and Performance

Remote Workstations provides a remote desktop experience that is virtually indistinguishable from using a local PC. Our software stack leverages remote display protocols that are low-latency and data-efficient.

This allows for excellent performance even on devices such as smartphones and older desktops. As long as devices are reliably networked, performance lags between the high-end server machines and the user are hardly perceptible.

Our virtual desktop instances run on high-capacity servers in highly secure physical and digital environments. You can tap into computing capacity that far exceeds that of consumer machines for a fraction of the cost of actual ownership.

Get industry leading digital performance with speed and scalability.

Security and Reliability

Remote Workstations’ desktops offer security in multiple layers. Our physical machines are located in a highly secure datacenter environment for the best protection of your data and apps.

So, should a local device fail, accessing apps and data can be done seamlessly, and workflows can continue uninterrupted.

On the digital front, our software environments are served through extremely secure protocols and software portals that are more secure by design than traditional desktops. Because of this, for example, running deprecated, but mission-critical software through a remote desktop can greatly lower security exposure.

Is there a better way to improve security and improve uptime?

Make your company’s security and reliability top priority with Remote Workstations’ solutions.

Flexible and Efficient Scaling

The low resource cost of Remote Workstations’ solutions means older hardware slated for replacement can be repurposed as access points. The savings over time are tremendous as tradition 3-5 year upgrade cycles go by the wayside.

Our transparency of pricing also allows organizations to reliably allocate resources. Even if an organization has changing needs in terms of computing power, Remote Workstations’ upfront pricing allows a true measure of cost. Calculations for expenditure are not subject to highly unpredictable variables such as I/O.

Tap into truly transparent and flexible pricing for a complete computing solution.

Intuitive User Experience

Chances are, your users are already familiar with cloud applications. As Google, Microsoft, and Adobe migrate more and more services to subscription models, the leap in expertise to understand remote computing grows less and less significant.

Remote Workstations uses industry standard tools in a familiar interface to serve a powerful desktop environment. The learning curve for a login portal is nonexistent or trivial.

And that’s all there is to it. Once a user logs in to their remote workstation, the experience is nearly indistinguishable from using their in-house computer desktop.

Improve digital productivity with zero additional training and downtime.

Robust Software Ecosystem

One of the greatest strengths of the Remote Workstations offering is the sheer range of supported software. Unlike certain competitors, Remote Workstations has the capability to run any major operating system.

Being able to run Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows Server, Mac OS, and many different distributions of Linux gives us incredible ability to serve different applications.

As you specify your remote machine’s hardware, you can also specify the applications you want running on it. We’ll guide you through the optimal configurations for the purposes you want and help you make sure compatibility and licensing are square away.

Build out your complete, custom software needs with Remote Workstations.