Frequently Asked Questions

What is Remote Workstations?
It is both our brand and our product—high-performance workstations hosted in the cloud that you are connect to remotely anywhere, anytime and from any device.

What is the difference between a Remote Workstation and a Remote Desktop?
A Remote Workstation is a computer (through cloud virtualization technology or physical hardware) that you can connect to. Remote Desktop is the protocol (eg. Microsoft's Remote Desktop Protocol or RDP) you use to connect to your Remote Workstation.

So you are saying I can connect to a full desktop with Windows from my phone?
Absolutely, you can connect to your Remote Workstation using your iPhone, iPad or Android phone or tablet. In fact, that is one of the key benefits - you can access software that require a full desktop operating system from just your phone!

What happens if I need to restart or power back on (eg. accidental shutdown) my Remote Workstation?
Not to worry—our RWS Control Panel allows you to power on, shutdown and restart your Remote Workstation anytime and as often as you need to.

So I can connect to a PC with Windows from my Mac?
Absolutely—and if you are running Bootcamp, let's say because you need to access applications only available for Windows, you can now re-allocated to the disk resources back to your MacOS so you have more storage!

Can I connect to my Remote Workstation using VNC?
Absolutely. However, for maximum security, we recommend using Microsoft's Remote Desktop client to connect.

Can I connect to my Remote Workstation using TeamViewer or Logmein?
Absolutely. However, for maximum security, we recommend using Microsoft's Remote Desktop client to connect.

Why can't I just get a Windows VPS?
Let's answer that in three parts: First, most of the low-cost Windows VPS providers, many overseas, do so illegally with pirated versions of Windows Server. Many pirated versions of Windows contain malware that only triggers when the hacker activates the virus or malware, unbeknownst to your shady hosting provider who wants to make a quick buck. Second, Windows VPS come with Windows Server, and not Windows 10 Pro. This is like driving a 18 wheeler semi-truck to pick up the kids from school. You will run into many restrictions because the functions of a server and a desktop workstation is very different.

Can you see inside my Remote Workstation?
When you connect to your Remote Workstation using with the Remote Desktop client, our system administrators will just see the Windows 10 login screen.

Can I install my own software and applications on my Remote Workstation?
Of course! You can install any software that you want (that is legally obtained). However,

Can I run Microsoft Office or Office 365?
Yes. We've tested it with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.

Can I run Adobe Creative Cloud?
Yes, We've tested it with Adobe Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, InDesign CC, Dreamweaver CC and Acrobat DC. However, please be advised that Adobe Premiere CC and After Effects CC will not work.

Can I run 3D software such as Autodesk 3ds Max, Maya, AutoCAD?
Currently, our machines do not have dedicated GPUs (Graphics Processing Unit), which are required for 3D software to run.