#1 Value for Performance

Remote Workstations leads the Desktop as a Service industry in performance per cost, while providing the latest Virtual Desktop ecosystems.

Find out how Remote Workstations can be the tool that better connects your organization.

Quickly Realized Cost Savings

Savings with Remote Workstations scale very quickly. Not only is our infrastructure more cost-effective to join, but you will see significant front-end savings in hardware.

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Robustness of Applications

Does your organization run on multiple software ecosystems and use obscure or deprecated software for mission-critical purposes?

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Quick Learning Curve

New technology paradigms don’t have to be hard to learn. With the proliferation of cloud software, most users will find little added complexity to their workflow.

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Scale With Your Organization

Remote Workstations’ cloud will allow you to scale on-demand as soon as infrastructure needs arise. It takes mere minutes to set up a new user on their own remote deployment.

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Centralized Management

IT workloads will go down tremendously as your software management workflow simplifies to a central point.

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Secure Software Environments

Remote Workstations uses a DaaS infrastructure that is inherently more secure than most in-house infrastructures.

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Transparent pricing for the casual user and the enterprise powerhouse.

With your Remote Workstations, your bill is your monthly price. We don’t add charges by hourly use and you can see true costs at a glance.

Our software keeps your organization mobile and plugged in.

Mission-critical work can demand attention at any time. Remote Workstations lets you access your tools easily and from any device.

Once you’re set up, accessing critical work and data is a simple sign-in away on any device. Remote Workstations speeds decision-making and improves execution.